Ongoing subjects

•  Industrial production of bifidus factor drinks from lotus root

Project manager: Mr. Wang, Fangan

•  New technology demonstration of double-low rapeseed desquamation and low-temperature squeeze oil production

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Dachuan

•  Application, development and demonstration of plant pesticide in preventing stored grains from being damaged by insects

Project manager: Mr. Xie, Linde

•  Research and development of far infrared grain desiccation technique for middle and low reaches of Yangtze River

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Qijue

•  Middle test of deep processing technology and product development of Chinese chestnut

Project manager: Mr. Song, Guangsen

•  New technology of utilizing perilla resources comprehensively and high-efficiently

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Dachuan

•  Middle test of the technology of fruit vinegar brewing by pawpaw compound fermentation

Project manager: Mr. Wang, Fangan

•  Research on public policy system and citizen participation

Project manager: Mr. Fu Guangwan

•  Research on strategic industry structure allocation of central China

Project manager: Mr. Zhong, Xinqiao

•  Research on VLDL Receptor II type's expression transformation and significance in the differentiation of tumor cells

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Zhiguo

•  Science Fund for the 35 th Post doctors (Harbin Institute of Technology)

Project manager: Mr. Xiong, Lieqiang

•  Scientific Research Start-up Fund for Returned Personnel from Studying Abroad

Project manager: Mr. Zhou, Xiaoli

•  Research on polyamine and echacetic acid's adjusting function for intestine structure of weaned pigs

Project manager: Mr. Hou, Yongqing

•  Research on H-O coupled environment forecasting model in the process of geological disposal of nuclear waste

Project manager: Mr. Xue, Qiang

•  Project of the allocation and distribution of follow-up dispense

Project manager: Mr. Li, Qinglong

•  Nutrition-intensified Flour

Project manager: Mr. Ding, Wenping

•  Research on the Selection Standards and Evaluation Standards of Athletic Martial Art (Serial Skills and Trick) Sportsman

Project manager: Ms. Zhou, Qiang

•  Theoretical Research on the Differences between “Second Language Teaching” and “Foreign Language Teaching”

Project manager: Ms. Sha, Hongfang

•  Development and manufacture of 100T/D low temperature spiral oil mill

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Dachuan

•  Processing and industrialization of featured agricultural products

Project manager: Mr. Song, Guangsen

•  Research on the modification and application of the technology of natural emulsion high-molecular-polymeric

Project manager: Mr. Song, Guangshen

•  Research on the technologies of intensively processing high quality rice and the production of nutrition-intensified rice

Project manager: Mr. Li, Qinlong

•  Research on the industrialization technique of plant polysaccharide immunity intensifier for early stage weaned pigs

Project manager: Mr. Hou, Yongqin

•  Research on the development and utilization of kujing tea resources

Project manager: Mr. Hu, Chuanrong

•  Development and preparation of Jianganle soft capsule

Project manager: Mr. Chen, Ping

•  Experimental research on the key technology of highway fog dispersal

Project manager: Mr. Li, Jie

•  Research on the designing means of steel fiber concrete stake cushion cap pull-press pole theory

Project manager: Mr. Li, Jixiang

•  Theory of Universal Operators Structures and Its Application in Fuzzy Pattern Recognition

Project manager: Mr. Tong, Xiaojun

•  Application of semi-parameter regression model in modern mapping

Project manager: Mr. Pan, Xiong

•  Theory and Key Techniques of Automatic Target Recognition in Complex Background

Project manager: Mr. Tao, Hongjiu

•  Production of Magnetic Nano Functional Material and Installation of Magnetic Biomimetic Electro Chemistry Sensors

Project manager: Mr. Yang, Ming

•  Research on the Mechanism and Condition of Ferrotitanium Bimodal Electro-generated Free Radical Degradation Lignin

Project manager: Mr. Fu, Dexue

•  Research on the Production Technique, Characteristic and Application of Food Superfine Powder

Project manager: Mr. Xiao, Anhong

•  Micro numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow in Porous Medium

Project manager: Mr. Luo, Sijing

•  Research on the Materialistic Basis and Functional Mechanism of Chinese Potatoes Liquorice Soup Anti-HB Virus

Project manager: Mr. Chen, Ping

•  Research on the Freshness Preserving and Deeply Processing Technique of Foushou Chinese potatoes

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Zhangwu

•  Research on Measures for Promoting Employment

Project manager: Mr. Tan, Yunjing

•  Research and Development of Dense Rice's Fresh Degree Fast Measuring Instruments

Project manager: Ms. Liu, Ying

•  Research on the Production Technique of Pawpaw Serial Health Products

Project manager: Mr. Wang, Fangan

•  Research on Approaching Degree and Its Application in Photo Processing

Project manager: Mr. Tong, Xiaojun

•  Research on the Characteristics of Physiological Functions of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

Project manager: Mr. Zhen, Lihui

•  Research on the Management System of University Industry

Project manager: Mr. Zeng, Qilin

•  Research on the Investment and Construction Policy of Social Parking Lots in Wuhan

Project manager: Mr. Li, Jie

•  Stimulation Mechanism of University Students' Scientific Innovation

Project manager: Mr. Wang, Zuoqiao

•  Psychological stress reaction and protection for outburst public health event

Project manager: Ms. Huang, Wanqi

•  Formulation and research on the standard of Chinese chestnut processing product

Project manager: Mr. Li, Yunyan

•  Development and applied technology for feeding symphysis additive

Project manager: Mr. Wu, Lingying

•  Green feed additive- research & development on piglet flora polyose immunoprecipitate

Project manager: Mr. Hou, Yongqing

•  Research of search technique based on zone color image

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Changhua

•  Experimental research on umbilical artery impairment restored by human cord blood endothelium progenitor cell

Project manager: Ms. Zhang, Honglin

•  Recovery processing and algorithm research basing on fade chart of wavelet transformation

Project manager: Mr. Tao, Hongjiu

•  Research basing on zone innovation system of industry cluster

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Kuihong

•  Research on the present situation of Hubei Province agricultural products processing and economy development strategy

Project manager: Mr. Xu, Guangwen

•  Provincial university engineering center of special agricultural products biochemical engineering (cultivation)

Project manager: Mr. Chen, Siqing

•  Research on special agricultural products processing and product standardization

Project manager: Mr. Song, Guangshen

•  Integrated management software system of road transport enterprise (The second unit)

Project manager: Mr. He, Xiaoming

•  Development & research on intelligent bridge structure (The third unit)

Project manager: Mr. He, Xiaoming

•  Research on “Sanhuang blood enriching soup” modern pharmaceutics and pharmacology

Project manager: Mr. Zhou, Wei

•  Study on the Upbringing of the Mental Quality of University Students

Project manager: Mr. Hu, Xinyu

•  Study on Logistic System Planning of Agricultural Products in Hubei Province

Project manager: Mr. Ping, Hai

•  Study on the Competitive Advantages of Medium and Small-sized Enterprises

in HuBei Province

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Kuihong

•  Strategies of Internationally Branded Foodstuff in Hubei Province

Project manager: Ms. Tao, Liping

•  Study on the Main Macroeconomic Control Objectives

Project manager: Mr. Tan, Yunjing

•  Study on the Sociology of Education Development and Employment Need

Project manager: Mr. Li, Sifeng

•  Study on History of Poems in Ming Dynasty

Project manager: Ms. Shu, Ming

•  Study on social ideas of Catholicism and their significance on Construction of Chinese Advanced Culture

Project manager: Mr. Bai, Hong

•  Break-out and Development of Revolutions in the Fiction World—Centering on Magazines of the Four Greatest Novels in Late Qing Dynasty

Project manager: Mr. Fu, Jianzhou

•  Study on the Tour Planning of ReBAM of Wuhan City

Project manager: Mr. Zhou, Xiao

•  Research on Liu Dachuan's Techniques of Rapeseed Decortications and Cold Pressing

Project manager: Mr. Liu, Dachuan

•  Approaches, Modes and Effects of Wuhan Citizens' Participation in the Establishment of Public Policies

Project manager: Mr. Fu, Guangwan

•  Study on Policies on Construction of Parking Facilities in Central Business Districts in Wuhan City (the 1 st unit)

Project manager: Mr. Li, Jie

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