School of International Education


School of International Education, founded in 2007, is responsible for teaching and management of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools projects. 4 existing specialties are Light Textile Food (Food Science and Engineering), Light Textile Food (Beer Brewing and Beverage Process), International Economics and Trade and Mechanical Design and Manufacturing. They aim to foster senior engineering technology and management talents with bilingual ability and bicultural background (Chinese & English or Chinese & German). The number of existing students is more than 749. The school owns Teaching Offices and Student Affairs Office.

At present, we have established the cooperative education project and students exchange project with some foreign universities such as Technical University of Munich, University of Teesside, The Hague University, University of California, University of South Australia and Deakin University etc. Through effective cooperation with them, superior teaching resources, advanced education concept and high-quality college courses have been introduced. In accordance with the management mode of credit system, undergraduate teaching plan has been established jointly and mutual recognition of credits has been carried out which are beneficial for cultivating international, applied and technical high-quality bilingual talents. Meanwhile, cooperative education will open up a broader international market for college students’ employment.

School of International Education equips students with teachers from foreign countries such as America and Germany, which not only helps students improve their proficiency of foreign language but also offers a diverse cultural communication background for students. In addition, the school has set up a special language lab, a language training room and a modern education center. In order to improve students’ overall qualities, our modes of talent training are characterized by excellent foreign language communication and computer application ability, solid cross-cultural understanding ability, advanced international professional knowledge structure and humanized management. Through joint training, the students in our school will have a stronger competitive advantage in the international job market.

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